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Welcome to Graphic, Art and Photos! - Benvenuto! - Bienvenido! - Bienvenu! - 热烈欢迎在版画艺术图片! - Willkommen!


Most widely known are the "Apfelmännchen" or "Mandelbrot"-quantities and the deduced "Julia"-quantities. This site shows not only examples of the conventional fractals, but also shows the results of my own, modified formula - all of them were developed with a single algorithm and were neither combined nor changed by image editing.

You wanna know more? On the internet you can find more information with the catch words in this paragraph.

With minimal variations of parameters, formula, assignment of colors and zooming in on interesting parts of the fractals, it is possible to get an infinite number of completely different pictures. The results are unpredictable and it is thrilling to watch the formation of new pictures over and over again; and it requires much less effort, than painting a picture by hand. All you have to do is make minor changes to a few parameters, press "Enter", leave the PC to "sweat", and after thirty minutes check and see what it has pulled off.

With modern PCs, it is possible to calculate very high resolution graphics in a reasonable period of time; a realistic limit should be about 8000x6000 pixels; that equals 48 mega pixel or 400MB as bitmap or 15MB as jpeg-file; suitable for a photo wallpaper of 9x12 feet.

Bryce (CAD-Scenes):

The program Bryce makes possible, among other things, to connect geometric bodies, mountains, trees e.g. and assembled structures in a three-dimensional scene and to change their form, color, reflection and transparence.

As a complement to purely technical CAD-programs, it has the ability to factor in the "natural environment", for example, allocating a "sky" with variations in clouds and colors; the ability to move or relocate the sun/the moon; the ability to make divers changes in fog, haze and shadow.

From the scene you have created, you can now take two-dimensional "photos" from different angles, as you can see in the examples on this site, but you can also make a video either by changing the scene itself or moving the virtual "camera". This takes a long time, because every "photo" has to be recalculated and depending on the resolution and complexity of the scene, a single picture (of 25 per second) can require several hours.

Bryce5 offers resolutions up to 4000x4000 pixels. By using so called dejagging, the pictures give the impression of having a much higher resolution; thus a poster 28x40 inches appears to be nearly free of pixels.

Not only Bryce, but 3dmax, Terragen etc. are also available. You can find interesting galleries in the corresponding forums.

Graphics with functions:

Maybe you can still remember algebra and mathematics from school? Or would you rather not think about it any more???

There is a way around that: using simple formulas, especially the angle-functions, fascinating and interesting graphics can be achieved.

"Running" or moving graphics result, when you insert a loop into the program and run the formula once more, but with changed parameters (e.g. "Nagelbrett variable" - bed of nails = nails in a board, connected with wire or string). Program available in download.


What is art?
This can cause hefty disputes - what would Michelangelo have said about the works of Picasso, Kandinsky and others?
Why not just simply follow your own feelings and enjoy the work that appeals to you?

Try it yourself - and don't lose heart if a masterpiece doesn't appear with the first try. The most important thing is, you had fun doing it! Let your fantasy and creativity run free - it isn't easy at the beginning to let yourself fall and work in a devil-may-care fashion; but with patience it can have a very freeing and meditative effect. I, myself, especially prefer fantasy themes, which are not possible to photograph.


Pictures from Italy, Berlin, the Franconian Switzerland and Jamaica.


There you can find interesting links to the galleries of the Hubble-telescope, to selected natural sciences, to Franconia, abstracts (Schafkopf and EXCEL) and some programs in source code text format (for the freeware programming language Free Basic; which is also easy to change into other languages) etc.

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